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Tourism and Language Specialists

LBC Team

LBC is the result of a merger between a group of language specialists and a group of tourism specialists that joined their efforts to develop linguistic tourism services.

The project Landing Basque Country LBC was born at Interchange Eurowelt, a prestigious language school based in the heart of Bilbao, which has aimed at teaching foreign and national languages for more than 27 years.

The idea of this Project arose…. Why don´t we do what we enjoy most and do best but while sharing with the world our beautiful homeland? This way, and joining our efforts with a team of well-established specialists in the world of Basque Country tourism and linking the knowledge of the market in both sectors, LBC was created as a trip consultancy aimed at filling an existing niche in the market.

Pursuing this goal, LBC has designed a range of programmes offering a variety of leisure, culture, sport and traditional activities adapted to suit your needs while giving you the chance to learn Spanish and Basque, the two official languages of our country, and to do it in an enjoyable way so that you make the most of all the tourist attractions of the Basque Country.

These languages will serve as a catalyst to live genuine and real experiences and interact with the locals, thus helping you fully immerse in the environment and the traditions of the Basques, naturally picking up the languages and customs of the place.



We spread the Basque culture worldwide

We teach Spanish and Basque to foreigners

We explore our multicultural society, its origins and traditions

We prepare Instituto Cervantes official examinations

Spanish intensive courses, mixed with activities

Study trips


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